Information (#1)

Last Update 10-10-2018

Hello HappyRoad Players

-In this update we added Unique Spawn Spots in Map,and we changed our D15 item look.

2-We increased Trade Price now you can Get 5B Gold from 5Stars Trade, we make Room for Roc in Jangan Spawn Every 6h Drop 50 Happy Donate Coin.

3-We Add New Trans Pet like Donkey, Dark Lizard, Behemoth.

4-We make New Quests in Town Of Darkness like Happy Donate Coin 100,and Zerk Potion 1.

5-There is now 4 Uniques at Arabia Garden in Arbia Petra That Drop 10 Happy Donate Coin and Spawn Every 3h.

6-We Add 4 New Uniques at Arabia Field,Hudle in Arabia Petra, that Drop 50 Happy Donate Coin ,or 50 Gold Coin ,or 25 Silk Scroll ,or 1 Zerk Scroll.

And there is a chance you can have Stats Scroll 100% from any one after you kill it.

7-We Add new Job System, you will get Job Rank that will give you buffs will stay with you till 7days with Ranks like 1.2.3


Wish You Have a Great Day And Fun In HappyRoad

Best Regards

HappyRoad Team